• You are a problem-solver, an engineer, or maybe a techie. You are capable of solving complex situations. Yet, some emotions and thoughts get the best of you. Some relationships seem to become too complex. 
  • You are a creative, an artist, a writer or maybe the Muses in you are still to be born. You make connections using the tools you have available using your intuition and your vision. Yet, sometimes, the intuitions you rely on lead in circles, dead ends, or worse: projects that you aren't passionate about.
  • You are a caregiver, a healer, a confidant, a mother, a father, a best friend. You  have an intuitive sense for what others need. Your presence soothes others. And yet our greatest strengths can be our greatest challenges. Taking care of oneself can be it's own challenge.
  • You are in-between worlds, cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary, a designer, a connector. You might translate between worlds because you see different perspectives easily. Yet being in-between sometimes costs more energy than it produces. Sometimes, being pulled in different directions leads to being conflicted, or even targeted. 


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