Carlos encalada, LICSW

I have over 8 years of experience in social services including the Peace Corps, clinical internships, crisis response, individual and family psychotherapy, and facilitating groups. In my 35 years experience in this life, I continue to develop my own self-awareness in the service of growth. I've studied computer science and clinical social work, participated in meditation retreats, and trained in mindfulness-based therapies that use attention to heal the mind in the service of improved mental health. I use this knowledge and experience to steward individuals to the change they want to see in their lives. I have humbly witnessed others on their journey towards joy, redemption, and meaningful awareness of mind and body through individual, family, and group psychotherapy sessions. Particularly, I understand active problem-solving minds wanting to reconnect with their creative roots. 

Recent frames of reference

  • Moving from instinctual reaction to intuitive response as a hallmark for stable mental health

  • Balancing logical, rules based thinking with open, non-cognitive, present-moment attention as a practice for moving through difficult decision-making or procrastination

  • Being present as powerfully and compellingly different than Doing

  • Using the body's senses as well as the breathe as the strongest anchors for bringing our attention back to the present moment.

interests that help balance

  • Regular mindfulness of breath and body practices based on past meditation retreats and trainings

  • Training, playing, and singing Capoeira Angola

  • The Ancient Game of Go

  • Bicycle Riding

  • Graphic Design and UX

  • Open Dialogue

Alumni: MIT, Smith College School for Social Work

Employers: MIT, University of Chicago, Peace Corps

Internships: Drexel University School of Medicine, Windhorse Integrative Mental Health

Local Affiliations and/or Employers: Consejo Counseling & Referral Service, DESC, NASW-WA, Seattle Capoeira Center

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(253) 470-6448